About Gwen Shamblin

As the founder of Remnant Fellowship Church, Gwen Shamblin oversees a Brentwood, Tennessee, church situated on 40 acres that she and her husband David purchased and donated for congregation use. Originally from Memphis, Gwen Shamblin has a foundational faith in God which has driven her tireless work to help others find true purpose and meaning in life. Growing up in a medical family, she often went on rounds with her father Dr. Walter Henley, a general surgeon.

Gwen Shamblin completed undergraduate studies in dietetics at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and subsequently pursued and received a graduate degree in nutrition with an emphasis in biochemistry (M.S.,R.D). Her experience includes several years with the Memphis Health Department in areas such as pregnancy, obesity, and pediatric health. She has also taught coursework in foods and nutrition at the University of Memphis.

The author of The Weigh Down Diet, a New York Times bestseller, Gwen Shamblin has guided Weigh Down for the past three decades. Operating as a nonprofit within Remnant Fellowship Church, Weigh Down Ministries emphasizes an approach to wellness and eating that goes beyond “man-made rules” and focuses on returning to the intention of the Creator and a “Heaven-sent plan.”